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Patient Reviews

Here’s what patients are saying about Dr. Morales and the care he provides:

Having severe lumbar thoracic scoliosis, my spine is extremely difficult to adjust. From my first adjustment, Dr. Morales has been able to successfully adjust my spine. He also treats the areas in the body that correlate with the spine. Over the past 35 years I have never been to a chiropractor that adjusts my spine like he does! I highly recommend him to all of my family, friends, and anyone looking for an outstanding chiropractor.

-Cindy D.

Dr. Morales has been exemplary in his care and treatment. I had Neurosurgery in October of 2011. After the surgery,  Dr. Morales took on my case when other Chiropractors would not. I lost a tremendous amount of strength after the surgery, my muscles and joints also became very tight due to inactivity. Dr. Morales has treated me for these issues. He supervises a program he created to help me regain strength that was lost. Dr. Morales also treats me biweekly to help relieve tension. Every visit builds on progress made in previous visits and gains that have been made building strength. Dr. Morales has played an integral part in my recovery.

-R. M.

I played baseball and football my whole life. I have always had shoulder and neck tightness and soreness. While playing quarterback this season, I injured my shoulder. It was bad enough that I could not put on a seatbelt without agonizing pain. Being a quarterback, I thought my football season was over. A friend told me before getting surgery to see their chiropractor, Dr. Morales, and see if he could help. With the treatment and exercises, I was able to return to playing and I am actually throwing without pain and harder than before the season started. Thank you very much for all your help and I highly recommend Dr. Morales to any throwing athlete with neck and shoulder problems.

-Michael H.

I had always had severe lower back pain, this was a result of doing acrobatics since I was 3 years old. I would feel the pain the most when I tried to lay on my stomach. I was terrified of going to a Chiropractor because I heard they make back pain worse. When I visited Dr. Morales he was able to settle my nerves. I am not sure what the correct terms are for what Mr. Morales did, but I know the next time I tried to lay on my stomach, my lower back pain was gone! It was amazing.

-Vanessa Z.

Dr. Wilfredo Morales is a skilled Chiropractor that has helped me through my many ailments. In a day and age where we are always on the go, Dr. Morales has helped me to get back on my feet and continue with my busy schedule. From my car accident to sports injury, I trust Dr Morales to help me to minimize the pain and recovery process while using alternative methods to aid in that process. I highly recommend him to anyone.

-Joseph A.